About Ghillie®

We are Ghillie®, an independent outdoor clothing brand, born in the Scottish highlands. We are on a mission to promote great outdoor pursuits, with fly fishing, hunting and outdoor lifestyle at the core of our brand. We design versatile clothing to be worn wherever your adventure takes you. We have spent years working to create reliable every day garments, using durable materials and methods to achieve this.

Passionate about wild places.

We are passionate about promoting catch and release fly fishing, conservation hunting and the benefits of the outdoors. We believe that these persuits connect us to the complexities of these wild places and help us protect the delicate balance of wild eco systems.

Telling The Real Story

We create films to promote the positive impacts of hunting and fishing. We tell the stories of Ghillies, guides and keepers, who manage the land and devote their lives to conserve wild places. By doing this we hope to change the perspectives of some who have fallen victim to the mainstream media's false narratives surrounding these outdoor pursuits. We aim to bolster a community of outdoor people with a positive and informed mindset.

Why We Donate 5% Of All Ghillie Sales The Atlantic Salmon Trust